[unisog] Problems with EDU.COM domain

Josh Ballard bal at ksu.edu
Thu Mar 23 21:03:40 GMT 2006

So I gave a heads up to my admissions folks and to our university  
attorney's office, and later received a call back from our admissions  
director asking for contact information for this company because he  
had been unable to gather any.  At the bottom of the .edu.com web  
pages is a link to the parent company Vantage Media Corp, to which I  
whois'd that domain (vantagemedia.com) and gave the admissions  
director the information listed below:

Vantage Media Corporation
1350 Abbot Kinney Blvd #203
Venice, California 90291
Phone: (310) 482-3737

After giving him this information, he said that he would make a call  
to the company.  A short while later, he called me back to inform me  
that he had spoken to a rep at the company and had informed them of  
his displeasure at our university being listed on their site and  
collecting information, and asked them to take us off.  At his  
request, it appears they have done so for the time being, and fairly  
quickly I might add.  So, my encouragement to all of you out there  
would be to pass this word onto your admissions folks and/or general  
counsel and have them make a phone call to have your university  
removed.  I hope they are as quick to respond to the rest of you as  
they apparently have been to us.
Josh Ballard
Network Security Analyst
Kansas State University
bal at ksu.edu
(785) 532-4997

On Mar 23, 2006, at 2:37 PM, David Lundy wrote:

> It looks like a wild card.  Things like zzz.edu.com resolve.
> David Lundy
> Acting IT Security Officer
> University of the Pacific
>>>> YorkJ at brcc.edu 03/23/06 11:09 AM >>>
> Wow, even lowly community colleges are listed in the phishing sites
> edu.com.  They must have copied the entire .edu domain.  I just called
> Educause (.edu registrar) to let them know about it--the lady I talked
> to hadn't seen it yet, but promised to send the info to their
> management.
> Thanks
> John
> John York
> Network Engineer
> Blue Ridge Community College
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