[unisog] DNS fraud against the .edu TLD

David Bowie david.bowie at bc.edu
Fri Mar 24 12:53:41 GMT 2006

With respect to Josh Ballard regarding the registration of the edu.com 
domain and use to phish
for potential students; his solution does not scale.

 From Josh:
 > So I gave a heads up to my admissions folks and to our university 
attorney's office

> A short while later, he called me back to inform me  
> that he had spoken to a rep at the company and had informed them of  
> his displeasure at our university being listed on their site and  
> collecting information, and asked them to take us off.  At his  
> request, it appears they have done so for the time being, and fairly  
> quickly I might add.  So, my encouragement to all of you out there  
> would be to pass this word onto your admissions folks and/or general  
> counsel and have them make a phone call to have your university  
> removed. 

This venture is a pure scam.  It infringes upon the .edu TLD and to require
each school to "opt-out" is ludicrous.

I call upon EDUCAUSE to take this up with Vantage Media - this practice clearly
falls within the realm of "domain dispute" at the highest level and the purpose
is very clearly to confuse the end user and appear legitimate.  It is immaterial 
if folks _should_ know better. 

This would not stand if mil.com or gov.com were abused in this way, it should 
not stand when edu.com is abused.  
(BTW - mil.com and gov.com were registered in 1997 and 1996 respectively with 
contact pointers to uu.com - sounds proactive to me.)


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