[unisog] Another (though less egregious scam site), in this case involving the use of text pulled from University web sites

H. Morrow Long morrow.long at yale.edu
Fri Mar 24 20:39:30 GMT 2006

The site university-info-4u.info doesn't use the previous DNS scam but
is similarly aphotic, atramentous, caliginous, crepuscular and tenebrous
(pulled from thesaurus.com just to get through spam filters).

Apropos of the previous EDU.COM scam site, I noticed it was another type
of site which just appears to be Google-bait (to get people to the  
site to
show them ads).

These folks appear to crawl the web, caching/indexing web search data
on Educational institutions and putting web pages together to attact  
(and thereby eyeballs to click on their ad links).  The Internet is  
full of this
type of junk.

I found a page with a semi-random association of pages regarding Yale  
at  :


I also went looking for a Harvard page on this website and found a page
labeled 'Harvard University Admission Requirement' and 'More Harvard
University Admission Requirement Info' at :


To see if there are any pages for your institution, google (google is  
a verb now) :

	 'your institution' +site:university-info-4u.info

- H. Morrow Long, CISSP, CISM, CEH
   University Information Security Officer
   Director -- Information Security Office
   Yale University, ITS

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