[unisog] How Many Using RT/RTIR For Incident Reporting & Tracking?

Reed Loden reed at reedloden.com
Fri Mar 31 23:00:13 GMT 2006

On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 16:37:22 -0500
NYU ITS Security <security at nyu.edu> wrote:

> We had played around with RTIR before that, and were not as happy with 
> it.  "Vanilla" RT has worked very well for us.

BestPractical now has a full-time developer on RTIR, and from what I am
seeing, it's going to be much better when this new version is complete.
Tons of it is being rewritten to work with newer RT code and to be better
used in Incident Response purposes. Plus, it now allows for better
customization. The new code uses RT 3.7.x/3.8.x as a base, which contains
many new, neat features.

I think the university community will better like this new version, as it
gives them the power of RT with lots of extra twists to aid in incident


Reed Loden - <reed at reedloden.com>

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