[unisog] Aircard and security

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Fri Nov 3 14:20:15 GMT 2006

> I am new to aircards and need to do research on the product and its 
> vulnerability.  I am wide open to ideas and suggestions on how to 
> manage the risk.  Also is there a method of detecting aircards users.

Again .. this is a HR solution .. ban their use in University equipment 
(I know .. easier said than done..).

 From a technical perspective, they use the same RF bands as the phones 
by the same carrier (although different protocols) so detecting them 
from a physical perspective would be hard.

Most of the providers use known IP space that's not intermixed with 
other stuff, so you could block all those IP ranges from accessing 
anything -- which would prevent them from doing much besides surfing the 
Internet from their desk.

If you have a centrally managed domain model, you could control their 
use by GPO though.

Another approach would be to permit their use, but require the use of a 
VPN to access University resources. Everyone wins that way (but enforce 
with the GPO and firewall ideas from above).


Michael Holstein CISSP GCIA
Cleveland State University

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