[unisog] another round of bogus DMCA notices

Shannon Roddy sroddy at ligo-la.caltech.edu
Fri Nov 3 19:08:46 GMT 2006

Jordan Wiens wrote:

> It's a good thing the judicial system doesn't allow people to be legally 
> persued just because they had the /potential/ to do something bad.

There is quite a bit of difference between a criminal case and a civil
case.  Even if the evidence is bogus some individuals are still stuck
with 5 digit legal bills defending against a baseless civil suit by the

> Well, they don't unless the DMCA is involved.  Apparently the "good 
> faith" belief required by the DMCA that infringement is occurring is 
> subjective:
> http://www.boycott-riaa.com/article/15104

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