[unisog] another round of bogus DMCA notices

Stephen C Woods scw at seas.ucla.edu
Wed Nov 8 21:00:30 GMT 2006

  As a general case you should keep a list of IP + mac + last time this
combo was seen: 00:0d:56:12:4e:6e 200611081211  YYYYMMDDHHmm 00:14:38:9f:dc:41 200607101207

    Note: gathering IP/MAC pairs (sort -u is usefull here)
and process them hourly is probably sufficent.   It helps to have
a single router, otherwise you need to do some 'clever' filtering.

On Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 03:57:23PM -0500, George C. Russ wrote:
> arp cache on routers will tell you. keep a history. cattools.
> George
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> Michael Holstein wrote:
> > I know this has happened several times in the past, but today I got a 
> > round of DMCA notices for non-existent IP addresses.
> > 
> > Is anybody saving these and their supporting evidence (that they're
> bogus)?
> What do you mean by "bogus" or "non-existent?"  If the IP addresses
> are valid within your netblocks, but are just not active at the time
> you look (or you are just doing "ping IP-ADDRESS" to verify, I
> would assume some clever miscreant has simply decided to start
> doing short-lived IP aliasing, firewalling, or something else
> designed to make verification of piracy harder.  You may have
> to start logging traffic across your border to verify the claim.
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