[unisog] another round of bogus DMCA notices

David Lundy dlundy at pacific.edu
Thu Nov 9 00:21:44 GMT 2006

     I've thought about collecting information from CiscoWorks to keep
track of our DHCP assignments to do historical tracking, but have do not
have information on how to extract this information automatically on a
scheduled basis.  If someone else is doing scheduled data extraction
from CiscoWorks, I'd appreciate information on how you are doing this.

David Lundy

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>>> Stephen C Woods <scw at seas.ucla.edu> 11/08/06 1:00 PM >>>
  As a general case you should keep a list of IP + mac + last time
combo was seen: 00:0d:56:12:4e:6e 200611081211  YYYYMMDDHHmm 00:14:38:9f:dc:41 200607101207

    Note: gathering IP/MAC pairs (sort -u is usefull here)
and process them hourly is probably sufficent.   It helps to have
a single router, otherwise you need to do some 'clever' filtering.

On Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 03:57:23PM -0500, George C. Russ wrote:
> arp cache on routers will tell you. keep a history. cattools.
> George
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> Michael Holstein wrote:
> > I know this has happened several times in the past, but today I got
> > round of DMCA notices for non-existent IP addresses.
> > 
> > Is anybody saving these and their supporting evidence (that
> bogus)?
> What do you mean by "bogus" or "non-existent?"  If the IP addresses
> are valid within your netblocks, but are just not active at the time
> you look (or you are just doing "ping IP-ADDRESS" to verify, I
> would assume some clever miscreant has simply decided to start
> doing short-lived IP aliasing, firewalling, or something else
> designed to make verification of piracy harder.  You may have
> to start logging traffic across your border to verify the claim.
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