[unisog] mobo flash crypto laptops?

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	Forgive me, I ACRONYMICALLY deficient and there for must ask of
EVERYONE who posts to this to please spell out your acronyms upon FIRST

	Let's face it, so few acronyms are readily decipherable and
there are many that are cross-platform applicable, wouldn't you agree? I
don't know about the rest of you, but I detested English in high school,
liked it less in college, but after having gone through the suffering
that the slings and arrows of the great wall of graffiti, also known as
the Internet, has thrust upon us in attempting to decipher the often
misspelled, misused and all too often inaccuracies thereof, a cry of
please, PLEASE do us all the favor of understanding that we don't all
share ACRONYMS equally?


Thank you, thank you to all those who do and MORE thanks to all those
who will agree to comply to such a MIND-READING request...

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> did notice the buzz on MS Vista Bitlocker.  Something

BitLocker might also be an attempt by MS to DRM your computer. In that
case, your computer will be owned by Microsoft ;-)

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