[unisog] spelling out acronyms [ was: mobo flash crypto laptops? ]

Chris Crowley ccrowley at tulane.edu
Wed Oct 4 17:26:25 GMT 2006

The UNISOG group is a discussion forum for specialists in the field of
security for computers and Networks.  Common acronyms like MS (
Microsoft ) are taken for granted as part of the lexicon, and do not
require recapitulation upon first use.  The acronym is context
dependent, and in the context of the UNISOG listserv many acronyms are
well defined.  They're leveraged for the sake of efficiency and
recapitulation is inefficient. 

DRM probably merits explanation.  Did Saqib mean "Digital Rights
Management" or "Data Reference Model"?  Or is it another:

If this were the UNISEM ( UNIversity Security for Executive Management )
group, I would be more inclined to agree with you that all acronyms need
to be spelled out upon first use.   But we know what the context is and
should make sure we're concise within it without being hindered.

Chris Crowley

Sergent, Phil wrote:
> 	Forgive me, I ACRONYMICALLY deficient and there for must ask of
> EVERYONE who posts to this to please spell out your acronyms upon FIRST
> use? 
> please, PLEASE do us all the favor of understanding that we don't all
> share ACRONYMS equally?
> Thank you, thank you to all those who do and MORE thanks to all those
> who will agree to comply to such a MIND-READING request...
>> BitLocker might also be an attempt by MS to DRM your computer. In that
>> case, your computer will be owned by Microsoft ;-)

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