[unisog] Windows Command Prompt in the clear in the network?

Schley Andrew Kutz a.kutz at its.utexas.edu
Wed Oct 11 21:05:07 GMT 2006

Possibly, if someone was initiating DCOM from a command prompt.  All
those communications occur (after the initial end-point mapping) over
port 1024.


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> Folks,
> Honeypot and honeynet issues aside:
>    - is the presence in the clear of a Windows Command 
> Prompt, from a high
>      TCP source port to a high destination port, *ever*
>      legitimate/normal/to be expected in the Windows world?
>    - if not, is that presence *always* indicate of 
> compromise, or at least
>      of a vulnerability having been exploited?
> We have noted a 1-to-1 correspondence so far between 
> compromised machines in our network and a Command Prompt banner
>      Microsoft Windows {XP,2000}...
> or
>      Microsoft(R) Windows NT...
> appearing in the sample payload of our network flow recorder (QRadar).
> Please reply to me, I will summarize to the list.
> Thanks,
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