[unisog] Cisco switch monitoring without SNMP

Buhrmaster, Gary gtb at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Oct 16 16:31:30 GMT 2006

> Hey all,
> We are trying to diagnose some network problems, and instead 
> of running
> around to a given switch, I'd prefer a software package to monitor
> switches. I've seen a few, but they require SNMP. Unfortunately, for
> various reasons I can't use SNMP. Suggestions? We already run a syslog
> server, but I'm not sure that it will give me what I'm looking for.
> Things like CRC errors, aside from the usual port flapping, the like.

While it is *possible* to parse the output of every "show" command,
the output is not structured for script interpretation (unless
you wish to reimplement the human brain visual scan parseing
algorithms).  I am unaware of anyone who has written expect 
scripts to login and collect the output of various show commands,
and to do the parsing.  And I personally do not think it is the 
best use of resources to start doing so given all the SNMP based
tools that are out there that provide the frameworks.  Of course,
if you have no other choice, there is no other choice.
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