[unisog] Cisco switch monitoring without SNMP

Paul FM paulfm at me.umn.edu
Mon Oct 16 17:30:11 GMT 2006

I think, if you want to to this (safely) you will have to convince the higher 
ups to allow some SNMP read-only access to the switches (note - cisco 
switches can be configured to only allow specified addresses to get access to 
the snmp connection, and there are access levels you can assign to it as well).

The only other options are to look at net flows or sys-log logging (which may 
not provide the information you are looking for).  I think even RMON works 
through SNMP.

Micheal Cottingham wrote:
> My understanding is that the higher-ups don't want to use SNMP. That's
> about all I know. I'd love to use SNMP, but I can't. I did find the
> Cisco Networking Assistant from Cisco, but it requires the HTTP
> interface to be on, which is a big no-no in my book. It is rather nice
> though. The problem with expect scripts is we run a Windows-only
> environment, which unfortunately limits what we can do with that. I
> appreciate the suggestions.
> Micheal
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