[unisog] Alternatives to Packetshaper

Jenkins, Matthew mjenkins7 at fairmontstate.edu
Thu Oct 19 18:14:29 GMT 2006

Lightspeed Systems sells software that runs on a Windows 2000/2003 box
called Total Traffic Control.  We have been using it here with success
in the past.  Lately we have had a lot of issues trying to do some more
advanced configuration with it.  Overall, if we get over the problems we
are having now, it is a good product.  It can be used in failover mode
with 1 or more servers sitting idle if the primary server goes down.
Configuration is all done through a Windows GUI interface, and is pretty
simple and straightforward.

I'm curious to see any replies you get.  We have considered looking at
alternatives given the cost of TTC and the current issues we have
encountered with it.


Matthew Jenkins
Network/Server Administrator
Fairmont State University
Visit us online at www.fairmontstate.edu

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Greetings everyone.

I am looking for alternatives to Packeteer in the "traffic shaping"

Currently the vendors I am evaluating are:

Allot - Netenforcer

BlueCoat - their proxy-sg line

Cisco - Nbar - I doubt this is going to fulfill our needs already.

Does anyone else have suggestions on vendors in this product space.

Thanks in advance.

Eric Weakland, CISSP
Director, Network Security
Office of Information Technology 
American University
eric at american.edu
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