[unisog] Alternatives to Packetshaper

Paul Seward paul.seward at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Oct 20 10:48:12 GMT 2006

--On 19 October 2006 10:54 -0400 Eric Weakland <eric at american.edu> wrote:

> I am looking for alternatives to Packeteer in the "traffic shaping" arena.
> Currently the vendors I am evaluating are:
> Allot - Netenforcer
> BlueCoat - their proxy-sg line
> Cisco - Nbar - I doubt this is going to fulfill our needs already.
> Does anyone else have suggestions on vendors in this product space.

We're currently using <http://www.dyband.com> and have been
pretty happy with it, however they've announced that they intend
to drop the linux based version of the product line (So we're
looking at alternatives)

If you're happy to run a mission critical, in-band, bandwidth
management box on Windows you should add them to your list ;-)

Broadly speaking we're looking at the products you mention, with
the addition of "NetEqualizer" <http://www.netequalizer.com/>

If anyone else is currently using NetEqualizer in a production
environment, please get in touch!  I'd love to hear how you're
getting on with it!

PM Seward,       Network Support Specialist
          University of Bristol
0117 928 7856  -  Paul.Seward at bristol.ac.uk

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