[unisog] Survey: Monitoring/Logging Policies

Giulini,Chad Cgiulini at uchc.edu
Mon Oct 23 20:04:39 GMT 2006



I am hoping some of you on this list may be willing to state whether or
not your institution collects, monitors, and/or archives logs from
firewalls and/or IDS/IPS devices.  The specific concern here involves
logging user-identifiable activity.  I am particularly interested in how
this is implemented in other Academic Medical Centers, but any feedback
is welcome.  This topic is cause for some discussion at our institution,
and I would greatly appreciate feedback as to how other institutions are
addressing this.  Links to publicly posted policy or procedure
statements on topic would be very helpful.


Please note I am well aware of best-practices and am a strong advocate
for logging and monitoring these devices.




Chad Giulini

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