[unisog] risks of a mixed network

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Oct 24 19:28:44 GMT 2006

Method 1 :

You own the building, right? .. deny the Telco the ability to 
cross-connect .. or install filters to block the frequencies used for 
DSL or Cable (they're cheap).

When I lived in a large residential building the owners actually 
installed their own fiber/copper MUX (but no DSLAM) so people would call 
SBC, pay for a phone line and DSL, only to have the installer for the 
phone come first (and charge $40), then have the DSL people tell them 
"no dice .. due to pair gain" since they couldn't cross-connect to a 
DSLAM. They also owned all the cable.

Method 2 :

Get a cheap and fast (but somewhat unreliable) connection from somebody 
like Cogent (they're quoting us like $10/mb/mo) .. install a firewall 
between RESnet and everything else, and allow students to "buy" a fatter 
unrestricted pipe that sends their default route out the other 
connection (and don't oversubscribe it too bad).

You still get to control the general security policy that way.

My $0.02


Michael Holstein CISSP GCIA
Cleveland State University

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