[unisog] another round of bogus DMCA notices

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Oct 31 19:02:56 GMT 2006

> engineer went on a fishing expedition and found that an ISP in
> California (I think) seemed to be accepting netroutes to dark-space.
> Basically some pirate organization was feeding them RIP's saying that
> you could get to (and a ton of other places)

I thought of that, but all the public looking-glasses are on (mostly) 
well-behaved ISPs. Every one I checked shows us (32818) behind OarNET 
(600) where it ought to be.

It appears though that it'd be pretty easy to seed the directory with 
bogus information .. a quick look at :


seems to say it can be done in a single packet (after login).

    //! <u32>count[<count>*{<hash>filehash<u32>ip<u16>port<TagList>tags}]
         OP_OFFERFILES    = 0x15,


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