[unisog] Remote Access Policy - what's yours?

Kim Cary Kim.Cary at pepperdine.edu
Fri Sep 1 14:07:37 GMT 2006

Our ISO wants to re-examine our remote access policy; security is the  
impetus, but there are perhaps support concerns, etc. The view is  
that, with the VPN coming, we might not allow 'everyone in staff/ 
faculty' to access University LAN resources (administrative  
applications, primarily, but also file/print) from home/off-campus.  
Currently, we freely provide remote access to certain hardened hosts,  
including an RDC server that provides access to administrative  

If you have a well-developed policy for discriminating as to who gets  
remote access to your network (perhaps including the larger issue of  
vendor support techs) I'd appreciate a pointer to it, or a copy.

If you have any other lore about implementing this kind of policy  
(pro or con) that would be of interest as well.

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