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Wyman Miles wm63 at cornell.edu
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What we did at Rice was set up a Web proxy host, accessible only to the 
Google appliance, and placed that proxy outside our normal IP space.

That gave us two things when the Google box was doing its magic: queries 
originated "outside" the university so the box couldn't see anything the 
world couldn't see. More importantly, we could use the proxy (originally 
squid, then later delegate) to filter queries and responses, search them 
for certain content, etc.

The Google appliance *will* find all sorts of fun and exciting stuff that 
really shouldn't be on the web.  If you use it for that for the first few 
weeks, all the better.  When it's in production, you better have it on a 
real short leash.

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Dean.Halter at notes.udayton.edu 

> Are any of the folks on this list running a Google search appliance
> (http://www.google.com/enterprise/gsa/) within their operation?  We've
> purchased one, but have concerns given all it can index.
> ?The Google Search Appliance makes the sea of lost and misplaced data on
> your web servers, file servers, content management systems, relational
> databases and business applications instantly available from a single
> familiar search box.?
> Although it has an administrative console, doesn?t cache anything and we
> can always turn it off if there are problems, I was wondering what
> methods  others had used to integrate the appliance and restrict its
> searches.
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