[unisog] SP*M Detection Methods & Processes

Shane Williams shanew at shanew.net
Sun Sep 24 19:04:50 GMT 2006

On Sat, 23 Sep 2006, Russell Fulton wrote:

> We have been very happy with this set up and it has worked extremely
> well until the recent image spam started a few months ago. Now we are
> getting regular moans because most users have had virtually spam free
> mail boxes for two years.   We are experimenting with OCR plug-in but I
> fear this will be, at best, a temporary solution as we have already seen
> images that use obscured fonts.

We (just our school, not the whole University) set up the ImageInfo
plugin in response to these and it has worked quite well.

As to the larger "goldilocks" issue, we let SA score everything (minus
viruses and other obvious nastiness) and then pass it on to the user
(we're also considerng an upper limit, though).  Then we do our best
to help each user find their own "just right" setting.  While most
have followed our middle-of-the-road settings, a few have been more or
less aggresive based on both the level of spam they see and their own
personal tolerence for such stuff.  Of course, we don't have many
users (<1000), so it may not scale well at all.

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