[unisog] SP*M Detection Methods & Processes

Steve VanDevender stevev at uoregon.edu
Mon Sep 25 22:08:29 GMT 2006

Chris Crowley writes:
 > Would you mind sharing some of the details of how you provide
 > per-user web interface to SpamAssassin?

We have a homegrown system that was originally designed to provide a web
interface for password management; in essence it works by using an SSL
web server and CGI scripts to provide the user interface, and behind the
scenes uses ssh and 'expect' scripts to interact with the user's shell
account and run 'passwd' to change the user's password.  With that in
place it has since been expanded to handle a number of other
account-managment tasks such as obtaining quota status, disabling or
enabling the Sendmail-level DNSBL and access checks for mail sent to the
account, and most recently providing an interface to enable or disable
filtering or subject-tagging of email based on SpamAssassin scoring, by
modifying appropriate portions of the user's .procmailrc and

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