[unisog] mobo flash crypto laptops?

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Mon Sep 25 23:26:49 GMT 2006

Are you referring to the on board Trusted Platform Module by any chance?

IBM, HP, Dell have TPM chips on their motherboard. And the encryption
software they ship with their laptops wraps the decryption key using
the TPM. So if you remove the TPM, or move the HDD to a different
device, the the decryption attempt fails even if you have the pre-boot
authentication password.

There are few whole/full disc encryption software that support TPM.
See URL below:

Also check out Wikipedia's article on Full Disc Encryption, it talks
about TPM and FDE integration:

On 9/25/06, John Kemp <kemp at network-services.uoregon.edu> wrote:
> I recently heard that some laptops are now
> encorporating a nice full-volume disk encryption
> feature that depends on soldered motherboard nvram.
> So the "lock" uses a mobo nvram chip to tie a password
> to the disk volume encryption... no BIOS password, no disk
> decryption.  Nice.
> Anyone know which laptops are sporting this feature?
> Even the vendors/marketting folks don't seem to understand which of
> their products have this feature, so I'm trying to see if there
> is an easy way to tell which laptops have this.
> Thanks in advance,
> John Kemp (kemp at ns.uoregon.edu)
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