[unisog] MAC addresses for wireless - do you require registration?

Jamie Savage jsavage at yorku.ca
Mon Apr 2 12:33:28 GMT 2007

We use Bluesocket for wireless access (and some wired access as well) and 
do not require users to register a MAC.  Users, with their first HTTP 
request, are redirected to a Login page where they must login 
(acct/password handled by RADIUS) or they can't go anywhere.   The 
Bluesocket box logs lots of things so we can track Username, IP and MAC.

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[unisog] MAC addresses for wireless - do you require registration?


We're currently doing a review of our wireless network, and one of the
components of that review is "Should we be registering MAC addresses
connecting to our wireless network?"

I was wondering what other people were doing so I figured I'd ask :)

So - do you require registration for MAC addresses for all wireless 
prior to connecting to your wireless networks? (We currently do and then 
tie a MAC address to a user. This is then done again when users log in to
our VPN...)

I'll summarise with what responses I get.

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