[unisog] MAC addresses for wireless - do you require registration?

Rick Coloccia coloccia at geneseo.edu
Mon Apr 2 16:14:45 GMT 2007

We also use the bluesockets- two of them - one academically and one 
residentially - but we also use mac address filtering for groups of 
machines that don't change often - our "wireless lab" - sets or 30 out 
of some 300 machines - and then we also use 802.1x - it became almost 
urgent when the bluesocket people said "vista? Oh, yeah, not without 
client-side changes" - which was what we were trying to avoid all along 
by using the bluesockets.  Now that we need to make client-side changes, 
we decided to make them in favor of setting up 1x instead of setting up 
a bluesocket.  I still get logs that show when someone logs on, so it's 
nearly the same for me, and it's really better for the end users.


Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:
> On Mon, 02 Apr 2007 08:33:28 EDT, Jamie Savage said:
>> We use Bluesocket for wireless access (and some wired access as well) and 
>> do not require users to register a MAC.  Users, with their first HTTP 
>> request, are redirected to a Login page where they must login 
>> (acct/password handled by RADIUS) or they can't go anywhere.   The 
>> Bluesocket box logs lots of things so we can track Username, IP and MAC.
> We use the Bluesocket boxes as well.  They certainly solved a lot of the
> administrivia headaches for us - people who "should" be on our wireless
> basically create one identification entity when they arrive and keep it
> for their entire time here, while trying to track MAC addresses and tie them
> to users is hopeless in a world where people upgrade and replace their
> computers/wireless cards on an almost daily basis....
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