[unisog] login/network health tools

Chris Green cmgreen at uab.edu
Tue Apr 3 19:36:40 GMT 2007

BlueSocket has an optional component licensed from Checkpoint that can
perform that function but I was less than impressed with it. I would
like to define a policy saying "Windows Updates will be required 2 weeks
from the date of release" and have the networking group no longer be
involved in individual policy updates.

It was able ensure AV updates are less than X days old.  It could not
implement my desired Windows patch policy.  It has the ability to hard
code registry keys you would like to make sure are there and their
solution to my requirement was to hard code all the patch registry keys.

We're still hunting for what our preferred solution will be. 

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> I've seen a few mentions of Bluesocket in the mac addresses for
> wireless
> thread. Is that doing end point health assessment as well as auth? We
> need
> to replace our current system of health assessment and authorization.
> What
> advice?
> thanks
> -fp
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