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Harris, Michael C. HarrisMC at health.missouri.edu
Mon Apr 9 22:38:19 GMT 2007

Please, If you are willing to share, 
I am very interested in how many clients you are running via clean access and what cisco infrastructure was required to support plateau points of users  
We are trying to figure out how well clean access scales up from the first 100 users to 1000 to 5000. We are also looking for some real world details about the fault tolerance and redundancy what works and what doesn't.  Feel free contact me off list if you believe this is not the appropriate forum for detailed reply.  
thanks in advance

Michael C. Harris
System Security Analyst & Clinical Instructor
University Of Missouri Health Care
harrismc at health.missouri.edu      KCØPAH



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I have been using Cisco's Clean Access (formerly Perfigo).  I have been extremely happy with the results for the most part.  We rolled it on in the most of the dorms now and we haven't had a virus "outbreak" like we used to have.  


As far as rolling it out campus wide, it has the option for transparent login (I think that's what they call it).  Which uses the network login as the clean access login making it simple for domain attached PC's.


-Chris Golden





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I've seen a few mentions of Bluesocket in the mac addresses for wireless thread. Is that doing end point health assessment as well as auth? We need to replace our current system of health assessment and authorization. What advice?












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