[unisog] Anyone Deployed a Spyware Solution?

Rick Hayter rhayter at udallas.edu
Wed Apr 11 14:22:36 GMT 2007

Some quick responses...

> (1) The solution name
Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise

> (2) How effective the solution is
Very effective. We've gone from rebuilding a machine a week to almost 
zero problems.

> (3) How much it cost
I don't remember exactly, but is was pretty cheap - it had to be for our 

> (4) Pros and Cons of the solution
It works. It requires very little administration. When we started using 
it about 3 years ago the centralized management piece was a little 
clunky, but it's improved a lot since then.

> (5) Any other relevant feedback
Set it and forget it!

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