[unisog] Anyone Deployed a Spyware Solution?

Nick Lewis lewisnic at acm.org
Wed Apr 11 22:44:46 GMT 2007

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Subject: [unisog] Anyone Deployed a Spyware Solution?

> Hi,
> just wondering if anyone has deployed a commercial, enterprise based 
> spyware specific solution under a client server arrangement for Windows 
> desktops?
> If so I would be interested in:
> (1) The solution name
> (2) How effective the solution is
> (3) How much it cost
> (4) Pros and Cons of the solution
> (5) Any other relevant feedback
> I would also be interested in hearing from other institutions that are 
> currently considering investing in a commercial enterprise based spyware 
> solution.

While not exactly what you are looking for, we are using something on the 
network level to block spyware on our Internet connection because we didn't 
want to put software on the end point. We didn't want to put another piece 
of software on the end point and managing it was going to be problematic.


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