[unisog] This seems a spyware. Is this?

takashi yamanoue yamanoue at cc.kagoshima-u.ac.jp
Thu Apr 12 23:47:47 GMT 2007

  I'm takashi from Japan.
  I've received the following mail today.
  It seems a malicious mail with a spyware.
  Does anyone know something about this mail?
  The mail has an attached file, bugfix-48566.zip (38 KB),
  and the following text was an image.


Takashi Yamanoue, Dr.
Computing and Communications Center, Kagoshima University
yamanoue at cc,kagoshima-u.ac.jp
Dear Customer,

Our robot has detected an abnormal activity from your IP Address on sending
e-mails. Probably it is connected with the Last epidemic of a worm which
does not have offical patches At the moment.
We recommend you to install this patch to remove worm files And stop email
sending, otherwise your account will be Blocked.
We had archived the patch becouse the worm can modify Anpacked exe files.
You should open the archive file, enter The password and run the patch

Password: van43

Customer Support Center Robot.

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