[unisog] ACLs on Windows shares

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Aug 1 20:45:35 GMT 2007

We are reviewing how we manage shares on file servers.  We have the MS
'best practice' docs and have been looking at other sources too."

We are interested to know if you have any policy or procedure for how
you manage your shares on your file servers. If you do not have a set
policy, how do you manage your shares? 

We are looking at putting in a system were users are put into groups,
these groups are then added to groups that are assigned to

We are particularly interested in how you manage the following. 

- Adding a single user to a single resource. I.e a file in a folder, we
the user does not need access to the hole folder but just that one file.

- How do you manage the relationship between the business and IT terms
of setting up groups in your AD and then assigning these to resources? 

- Do you use any other tools outside of MS standard tools to manage your

- Do you have any auditing procedures or tools? 


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