[unisog] IPSCA free SSL certificates

John Kemp kemp at network-services.uoregon.edu
Wed Aug 22 22:46:17 GMT 2007

Russell Fulton wrote:
> IPSCA (www.ipsca.com) offers free SSL certs to universities.   The
> system works fine if you have a .edu domain but, inspite of repeated
> assurances that we are elligible, I have not been able to get a free
> certificate.
> If the dn is in .edu you select 'free educational cert' as payment
> option and presumably everything works.  When I select 'free educational
> cert' I get a free 3months evaluation certificate. 
> Email to support at ipsca.com elicits the response "We need to check your
> website to make sure it is an educational site".  Fair enough but
> requests for them to do have so far failed to get a response.  On at
> least two occasions I have asked for explicit instructions on what I
> need to do to get these certificates but all I have ever got back is the
> "We need to check...".
> Has anyone out side .edu managed to get one of these certificates?  How
> did you do it.
> BTW the 3 months certificate I did get worked absolutely fine, until it
> expired ;)
> Cheers, Russell
> Russell Fulton, ISO, The University of Auckland
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So what did you think?

My concern on this one was that I expected that by default IPSCA would 
not be
in the root CA caches on most client machines.  Are you seeing that as 
the case?

Other concerns?  Anyone else with suggestions for better alternatives to 
for public certificates?

John Kemp (kemp at ns.uoregon.edu)

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