[unisog] IPSCA free SSL certificates

John Meyers john.meyers at wright.edu
Thu Aug 23 13:19:22 GMT 2007

John Kemp wrote:
> Other concerns?  Anyone else with suggestions for better alternatives to 
> Thawte/Verisign
> for public certificates?
> John Kemp (kemp at ns.uoregon.edu)

  We just started using Entrust's managed service this year and are quite
  happy with the cost and flexibility.  Cost wise they're less than half
  the cost of Verisign.  It gives us the flexibility to revoke and re-use
  certs as needed.  They also don't force you to adopt their new cert
  technologies, such as intermediate chaining certificates, which don't
  always work with legacy type applications.  Their certs also support
  the 'SubjectAltName' attribute for multiple host or service names
  associated with the certificate.


  John Meyers
  Computing Services
  Wright State University

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