[unisog] HEA §494 Campus-based Digital Theft Prevention

Paul FM paulfm at me.umn.edu
Mon Dec 3 16:07:21 GMT 2007

Or another way to look at this.

Student's are customers of Universities (not their employees).
Does this mean that companies which provide network support to other 
companies are required to do this as well (I don't think so)?
Are ISP's required to explore technology-based deterrents to prevent illegal 
activity (as far as I know, they aren't even required to help you prevent 
break-ins to your own computer)?

Maybe Universities should just BAN the download and sale of all RIAA 
copyrighted music on campus (legal or not) - and state their reason for this 
clearly to incoming students.  That way they remove themselves from being 
responsible for these discriminatory rules.

Joseph Brennan wrote:
> --On Friday, November 30, 2007 10:03 -0500 William Yang <wyang at gcfn.net> 
> wrote:
>>>> (2) develop a plan for offering alternatives to illegal downloading or
>>>> peer-to-peer distribution of intellectual property as well as a plan
>>>> to explore technology-based deterrents to prevent such illegal
>>>> activity.
>> This doesn't look particularly harsh.  I'm not reading the whole thing,
>> but this section doesn't strike me as an unreasonable burden on
>> Universities.
> Why should universities be required to spend any money at all developing
> alternatives to illegal downloading?  The entertainment industry should
> be doing that.
> I am speaking for myself, not my employer.
> Joseph Brennan
> Columbia University Information Technology
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