[unisog] Printers, printers, printers

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at unm.edu
Wed Dec 12 18:10:50 GMT 2007

Dan Green wrote:
> We have the same setup for printers (well, we have it and are slowly moving
> printers on to the secured VLAN), and yes, nothing gets on the network
> without a SysAdmin giving it an IP address. Use the same setup for IP based
> security cameras as well. 

Wow.. I was hoping to find a large school that had such a setup. Do you
have papers on the benefits of this system etc that I could send
interested eyes at. The reason is that it gets listed as too expensive,
no cost savings, no other University does that, etc. Heck I know that at
least a couple national labs would like to be able to point various
scientists who complain that no University does things like that at.

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