[unisog] Printers, printers, printers

Wed Dec 12 21:35:03 GMT 2007

Interesting.  We ditched Clean Access to go with Bradford.  The main
reason was due to our switches being HP Procurves and that forced us to
use Clean Access as an In-Band NAC.  After fighting with Bradford for
the past semester I would stick with CCA if you have it setup OOB.  We
are using the persistent agent with Campus Manager so the enforcement is
very similar to what we had with CCA. Setup/Configuration/reliability
has not been very good with the Bradford system. YMMV I guess. NAC
solutions still seem to be a little green.

Best of luck.

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This product (as are many Cisco products) was purchased by Cisco and
enhanced from there.  I believe it's original name was Perfigo. 

There are other NAC packages available - notably I would have really
liked to look harder at a product called Bradford Campus Manager which
does not require the client download. We are a Cisco shop however and
the entire package was purchased along with a major network upgrade so
the pricing was favorable.  (although still expensive - I think you
might want to prepare yourself for the 25 - 50K range if you want to get
into a setup like this).

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