[unisog] Printers, printers, printers

Cal Frye cjf at calfrye.com
Thu Dec 13 21:12:56 GMT 2007

Shawn Laemmrich wrote:
> As a side question to the printer discussion, has anyone seen any free /
> relatively cheap decent  printer accounting software for windows?  I 
> seem to remember one that even estimated page coverage, but of course can't
> remember what it was called.
> We'd like to have a way of determining how much printing we're doing
> on small desktop printers versus large department sized ones (trying
> to illustrate the real cost/page difference of the $200 lexmark desktop
> network printer)

pCounter from AND Technologies was pretty cheap, but really effective.
It queried the printers directly for the page count, if possible, which
was very accurate. We had to go elsewhere to get one that integrated
with our card swipe system, but since then AND has made that available,
too. I miss them...

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