[unisog] Full disk encryption packages -- again

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Dec 18 03:36:43 GMT 2007


Partly prodded by Bruce Schneier's latest cryptogram we are again
thinking about (software) full disk encryption packages. So I thought I
would do a survey...

If you use (either officially recommend for campus use or just use as an
individual or have colleagues who use) and full disk packages then
please email me with the following data.

   1. name of package
   2. license (commercial, gpl, etc)
   3. ease of use for user (1 difficult - 5 a breeze)  -- general set up
      (including initial encryption)
   4. ease of administration ( 1 - 5 ) - any issues that interfere with
      the general administration of the machine
   5. does it have features that might make it better to use on a large
      scale (eg provision for key escrow)
   6. how well does it work with removable devices ( 0 not supported - 5
      really well)
   7. how transparent is it to the user (1 awful - 5 invisible)  -- this
      includes speed issues
   8. your over all evaluation of the product.
   9. cost (if known)
  10. does your institution recommend this package  or have a license
      for it.
  11. OS support ( windows, mac and linux, etc)

add comments about anything else.

Replies to me please and I'll make up a table and post it back to the list.

Cheers, Russell.

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