[unisog] state of spam on educational institution run blog servers

Ali, Saqib docbook.xml at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 22:52:09 GMT 2007

Hello All,

Early November 2007, I made it a personal goal to reduce spam on
educational institution run blog servers. I modified my blog reader to
automatically detect spam based on a semi-intelligent spam filtering
program, and notify me if a post on any blog had a high "spamminess"

Unfortunately I found too many universities with their blog server
being mis-used. I publicly notified few universities on this mailing
list, and proposed some techniques to detect spam on their own blog
servers. Rest of them, I contacted in person via email to spam@*.edu,

I am happy to say that the spam problem on edu blogs has gone down
drastically, and university officials have started to take this issue
seriously. May be it is because of fear of public disclosure on this
mailing list....

Thank y'all. I hope your students will have a spam free 2008. Happy
Holidays and Happy new Year!!!


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