[unisog] vml (and mdac?) exploited web sites

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Feb 3 21:35:18 GMT 2007

power less wrote:
> I was curious as to what people should search for if they wanted to
> know if vml (and mdac?) exploits had made it onto any web pages
> in their neighborhood. That would be a worthy cause, wouldn't it,
> checking web pages for badness? I don't suppose there a free utility
> that does that?
> Dreaming outloud: the ideal would be a module that could detect
> potentially malicious content in supplied html and it could be used as
> plugin in web browsers and as a plugin in some kind of web spider
> program or other uses.

There are folk working on so called client honeypots that walk the web
looking for malicious sites.  Google on "client honeypot" for details.


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