[unisog] NAC Policy questions

Aaron Gee-Clough lists at g-clef.net
Fri Feb 9 16:53:05 GMT 2007

Hello, UNISOG'ers,
	I'd like to ask the group for a bit of advice/information.  The
organization I work for (NIH, we're a government org, but we try to act
like a university) is looking into Network Access Control solutions for
our wired and wireless users.  I know a number of you here have
evaluated NAC systems and some have deployed them.  I'm hoping those of
you that have deployed NAC systems can offer me a bit of advice on the
policy side of NAC.

So, my questions to those of you that have deployed NAC: What policy
issues came up due to the NAC deployment?  Were there policy issues with
setting requirements for machines that you don't own?  How did you
handle the exemptions for non-Windows machines (Mac and Linux boxes, for

These are some of the issues we see, but I'm sure there are some we've
overlooked as well.  If there were any major surprises in the
deployment, I'd love to hear about those, as well.

Thanks very much.


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