[unisog] Extremely High Spam Statistics

Bill Martin BMARTIN at luc.edu
Mon Feb 19 01:13:10 GMT 2007

This falls in line with what we are seeing . . .over the last 6 months, SPAM has increased from 60-65% of the e-mail we receive to approximately 80-85%.  Now, much of what we receive we are dropping long before our SPAM detection process.  We have firewalled off a number of SPAM hosts, and SPAM blocks.  We also have no trouble filtering on DLS and cable modem clients.  

So all and all, if we were not blocking via firewalls, I'm sure out stats for SMAP would be higher. . . 
-bill martin-
Information Technology Services
Loyola University Chicago

>>> "Steve Shipway" <s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz> 2/15/2007 10:19 PM >>>
Tim Lane spake thusly:
>I would be interested in comparing our spam stats with other
According to our current email statistics, our email traffic is about
10% legitimate
0.2% viruses
89.8% spam
Appox 1.1 million emails per day.  This includes all internal emails,
though, so the proportion of internet-originating email which is spam is
going to be higher - so this ties in with the 90-95% figure you quoted.
We identify the spam via greylisting, invalid email address checks, and
Spamassassin checks.  We have a very good hit rate for spam, with very
little getting through - 98% spam seems pretty high.  However, your
scanner may be better than ours :)

Steve Shipway
ITSS, University of Auckland
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