[unisog] Extremely High Spam Statistics

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Feb 20 17:15:24 GMT 2007

> Are these counts excluding mail from local users, and including
> "possible spam" that is not bad enough to reject?

Yes .. this is inbound mail only. It includes all the "bad" categories, 
which on this system are

Likely Spam
Likely Phishing

I do have breakdowns by those categories too, but we quarantine anything 
that makes it into any of those categories. Users can "unjunk" anything 
except virus and policy flags (the policy flags are basically anything 
that Windows can execute by default .. eg: .exe, .pif, etc.)

In our expierence, there is no difference between "spam" and "likely 
spam". For users that like to get mailing lists, we have them add those 
senders to their whitelist (this also happens automatically when 
somebody "unjunks" a message). Thus, the stats shown do fairly 
accurately reflect what is/isn't actually SPAM.



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