[unisog] MSN Messenger - two questions

Alan Rothenbush alan at sfu.ca
Tue Feb 20 21:16:31 GMT 2007

On February 20, 2007 12:56 pm, Sul, Young L wrote:
> How are you disallowing its use?

I'm not disallowing its use, just the install of the "full" client.

> Currently, a lot of people use browser-based messenger clients. meebo.com
> (among others) lets you login to aim, msn, gtalk (jabber) and icq from your
> web-browser. Also, gmail already has built-in chat capability.

That was my initial solution,  "use WebMessenger".

However, there is (apparantly) a need for "meetings" .. chats among more than  
two people and the current version of WebMessenger is one-to-one only.

Also, several of the senior bosses think they want cameras to "stare down" 
their minions, and the web clients do not do this either.  (This is harder 
for me to argue against, as "dirty looks" are a significant component of _my_ 
management strategy.)


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