[unisog] MSN Messenger - two questions

Alan Rothenbush alan at sfu.ca
Tue Feb 20 21:26:47 GMT 2007

On February 20, 2007 01:10 pm, paul wehner wrote:
> Hi Allan,
> You could sell your machines and retire? <kidding>

They're not of course "my" machines, they're the University's machines.  (And 
getting this through to people remains an ongoing problem .. "it's not your 
chair, it's not your table, it's not your office and it's not your computer; 
they all belong belong to the University and are provided to help you do your 

Retirement .?  Not for 15 years .. 15 LONG years ...

> Do people at your edu merely want IM or do they particularly want MSN
> Messenger?

Apparently it's MSN, the problem being that we have a strong push to interest 
International students and outside of North America, MSN is it.

> Have you thought about bringing IM in house via something like MS Live
> or any of the Jabber implementations?

We do have an internal jabber server and all staff, students and faculty have 
an account on it.

But the real issue is the PROSPECTIVE students we're trying to attract that do 
not have an account.

MS Live would (near as I can tell) have the same problem.

> Does your edu AV handle IM malware? If not I would make it a prereq to
> allowing IM.

It should .. we use McAfee AV and I've configured it for "maximum paranoia".  

Hardening and crossing my fingers seems to be the choice.


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