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Schoenefeld, Keith Preston schoenk at utulsa.edu
Tue Feb 20 22:10:15 GMT 2007

I know this email wasn't addressed to me, but since you sent it to the
list, I recommend three possible solutions:

1) Send an email to others in the area that you do know telling them to
be on the lookout for your request if they are ren-isac members (if they
aren't members yet, it may peak their interest, and maybe they do have
the network to get membership, then can give you the vouches you need).

2) You should attend Educause SP07 in Denver (April 10-12).  It's a safe
bet that there will be a fair number REN-ISAC members there given that
there's a REN-ISAC conference on Thursday afternoon.  Mingle, discuss,
socialize, get vouches.

3) Get on #unisog (irc.freenode.net/#unisog), it's a safe assumption
that several REN-ISAC members frequent that IRC channel as well (I'm
"racer", and I may be a member).  You don't have to commit a ton of
time, just enough to be recognizable, and you can get vouches that way

-- KS

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     I've been trying to join REN-ISAC.  Doug Pearson floated my name
before Christmas for vouching, but just as I feared I am unknown (except
among the Sacramento ISSA folk).
     I do meet the criteria for having institution wide responsibility
(three campuses) for IT security.
     I've seen several unisog posts saying that it would be good to
join.  My experience is that the vouching criteria so far has been an
insurmountable barrier.  Suggestions?

David Lundy

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Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:

> Quite likely they can get it out to *some* of the correct people. 
> problem is that the sort of network that goes to the trouble of
> somebody REN-ISAN membership is probably the sort of network that
> usually make it onto J. Oquendo's radar.
> (Yes - it's possible to find screaming SSH scanners on the nets of
> members.  I'm sure we have the occasional one ourselves.  But if
> a note to security at vt.edu doesn't make something happen, it means
> we screwed up...)

Hi Valdis,

Our contact system is comprised of member and (mostly) non-member
institutions.  We're spent a great deal of time building up a contact
that can handle bulk submissions and get notifications out to the R&E
sector.  Our most recent count put member institutions at less than 10%
the db.

- -Dave

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