[unisog] MSN Messenger - two questions

Brian Eckman eckman at umn.edu
Tue Feb 20 22:13:06 GMT 2007

Alan Rothenbush wrote:
> On February 20, 2007 12:56 pm, Sul, Young L wrote:
>> How are you disallowing its use?
> I'm not disallowing its use, just the install of the "full" client.
>> Currently, a lot of people use browser-based messenger clients. meebo.com
>> (among others) lets you login to aim, msn, gtalk (jabber) and icq from your
>> web-browser. Also, gmail already has built-in chat capability.
> That was my initial solution,  "use WebMessenger".
> However, there is (apparantly) a need for "meetings" .. chats among more than  
> two people and the current version of WebMessenger is one-to-one only.
> Also, several of the senior bosses think they want cameras to "stare down" 
> their minions, and the web clients do not do this either.  (This is harder 
> for me to argue against, as "dirty looks" are a significant component of _my_ 
> management strategy.)

Red flag! Red flag!

They want to use Web cams to video conference with.... prospective
students!?!?!?!? That's it. I officially am calling B.S.

It sounds to me that they have other needs for this besides conversing
with prospective students. For their sake, I'd suggest that they spell
out exactly what they want to accomplish, and have someone knowledgeable
of the options suggest a solution to them. For your sake, I'd suggest
you explain the risks to them (mostly outlined in my and other replies),
and assuming they still want to install MSN Messenger, and that they
believe it will solve their problems, just do it.

Good luck,
Brian Eckman, Security Analyst
University of Minnesota
Office of Information Technology
Security & Assurance

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