[unisog] Cleaning up those networks

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Feb 21 20:19:46 GMT 2007

Cal Frye wrote:
> power less wrote:
>> Is there any point in j average detector of stuff to report these
>> things? (When I say "report" I'm willing to
>> go as far as send a message to the contact in whois for that IP. I'm
>> assuming that those universities that don't  list a contact email in
>> whois care not to hear about these things ever :-)
> On the other hand, abuse at somebody.edu should get you in the right
> direction. If a particular institution gives you grief, they have bigger
> problems. Obviously, I'm not speaking for the larger ISPs, merely
> educational institutions :-)

For educational institutions around the world (Asia excepted) abuse or
security @ domain works well.  I'm now to the stage where I report stuff
only to other .edu (in the broad sense) sites.  Remember that Britain
and New Zealand have their academic domains in .ac.<country> as do some
other countries.  Some countries (e.g. Australia) have a .edu as a
second level domain.  Many other countries have no second level domains
at all.

Abuse.net is another way of getting abuse information:

bluebottle:~ rful011$ whois -h whois.abuse.net auckland.ac.nz
postmaster at auckland.ac.nz (for auckland.ac.nz)
abuse at auckland.ac.nz (for auckland.ac.nz)

If you have not registered you contact detail with them then go to



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