[unisog] Still need a "security" address?

David Lundy dlundy at pacific.edu
Thu Feb 22 01:02:03 GMT 2007

     Same is true here.  "abuse" goes to IT security.  "security" goes
to public safety at one of our campuses.

David Lundy

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>>> Cal Frye <cjf at calfrye.com> 02/21/07 1:53 PM >>>
Russell Fulton wrote:
> For educational institutions around the world (Asia excepted) abuse
> security @ domain works well.  

Now that you mention it...
In our admittedly limited experience, we get network abuse reports
addressed to our "abuse" alias, and nothing but misaddressed messages
"security" -- these latter are all intended for our Office of Safety
Security, aka the Campus police office. S & S is, in turn, sort of
annoyed they don't have a memorable email alias for folks to use to
contact them. Around campus, they are universally known as "Security"

Is it out of line to consider assigning the email alias "security AT
Oberlin DOT edu" to the folks in blue while expecting /network/
issues to be addressed to "abuse?"

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