[unisog] Still need a "security" address?

Ken Connelly Ken.Connelly at uni.edu
Thu Feb 22 02:13:42 GMT 2007

Russell Fulton wrote:
> Cal Frye wrote:
>> Russell Fulton wrote:
>>> For educational institutions around the world (Asia excepted) abuse or
>>> security @ domain works well.  
>> Now that you mention it...
>> In our admittedly limited experience, we get network abuse reports
>> addressed to our "abuse" alias, and nothing but misaddressed messages to
>> "security" -- these latter are all intended for our Office of Safety and
>> Security, aka the Campus police office. S & S is, in turn, sort of
>> annoyed they don't have a memorable email alias for folks to use to
>> contact them. Around campus, they are universally known as "Security"
>> Is it out of line to consider assigning the email alias "security AT
>> Oberlin DOT edu" to the folks in blue while expecting /network/ security
>> issues to be addressed to "abuse?"
> Our experience is similar.  We now gateway security at auckland to
> unisafe at auckland.  This solves most of the problems.  We do get the odd
> grumble from the unisafe staff when IT security stuff comes through ;)
> We have been promoting security at auckland as the contact point for IT
> security services for around 10 years and it is used internally with
> reasonable frequency but almost never from outside. 
> Comes to that the only people who ever send anything to abuse at auckland
> are spam cop and aol bitching about spam bounces.
> Russell.
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Both abuse@ and security@ end up in my mailbox (and a couple others) 
here.  The Kampus Kops have never expressed an interest in a generic 
e-mail address.

- ken

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